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[11 Apr 2006|12:44am]
I wont be adding just anyone, but anyone that does care, I have moved to cascade_of_love
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Beauty in goodbye. [28 Mar 2006|05:21pm]
[ mood | complacent ]

Maybe there's beauty in goodbye
Now you turn around, you're about to fly, then you walk away
Theres just no reason left to try
Now its gone too far, look at where we are
You push me away
Another black day
I count up the reasons to cry
Look what you've missed, living like this
Nobody win, nobody wins

Searching for the truth in your eyes
Found myself too lost to recognize
The person now that you, you claim to be
Don't know when to stop, where to start
You're just so caught up to who you are
Now you're far too high for me to see
I'd never thought that we'd come to this

Maybe there's beauty in goodbye.

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FRiENDS ONLY! [03 Jan 2006|07:47pm]
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[*] This Journal is Friends Only
[*] If this is all you see this means a few things. 1. You were cut. or 2. I don't know you.
[*] If you have stumbled across this journal and find me interesting...leave a comment here and I will add you back unless I feel you are a creepy stalker person.
[*] Check the userinfo please and don't add me if you dont agree with anything about me or something...kthnx.

For those of you on my friends list, no worries, I only did a small friends cut and this post is the only public post I will have.

♥ love your lovely britterkins
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